What We DO


Green Contracting Company, Inc. is a heavy industrial and mechanical contractor performing work in the greater Baltimore-Washington area. Our client base ranges from small private manufacturers to large public corporations and includes several departments of the United States Government. In our early years as a company, boiler installations, replacements, and repairs constituted the majority of our project scopes. However, during our many years of growth, Green has broadened its capabilities into all phases of heavy industrial and mechanical construction. This includes the self-performance of structural and miscellaneous steel erection, process, power and utility piping, and all project related heavy rigging.

Utilizing the latest technologies, state of the art equipment, and the most talented craftsmen, we dramatically increase productivity while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Maximizing the use of our fabrication facility enables us to reduce field forces and perform a large percentage of our work in a safer, climate controlled atmosphere. Just-in-time deliveries add value by reducing laydown and storage areas on tight job sites, and faster installations improve overall project schedules.

A major component of the work we perform includes the handling and setting of major equipment and large bore piping and assemblies. In addition to our skilled personnel, we maintain a compliment of our own specialized and heavy rigging equipment, making it readily available to service our projects.

In the early years, boiler installation, replacements, and repairs constituted the bulk of our work. Through continuing education and utilization of the latest equipment, we still provide state of the art installations. However, we take great pride in our retained knowledge and experience that allows us to provide solutions for historical equipment still found in use today. Refurbishment of these vintage units improves efficiency and extends overall lifecycle.

Green Contracting utilizes the latest BIM software, called Revit with SysQue which enables 3D models to be created using “real”, dimensionally-correct components. This allows Green to perform a walk-thru with the owner to verify that everything is laid out exactly how they expect it to be and the model can then be used to field verify tie-ins, equipment connection points, and elevations. Once routing is verified, instrument locations, vents, drains, and field welds are spotted, each piping section is spooled and a weld map is generated. A drawing package with isometric drawings, fitting map, accessory schedule, pipe cut list, and weld map is printed for the in-house ASME code fabrication shop. Each spool is labeled according to the drawing package, which travels with the pipe sections and facilitates easy installation in the field. At this point, as-built drawings are already complete and the final 3D product can be viewed by everybody involved with the project using a standard web browser.

Self-performance of our own structural and supplemental steel is another way we provide quality projects in a competitive market. Included as part of our package, we have the ability to closely coordinate these structures dimensionally. This assures proper fit and alignment with the equipment it supports and the associated adjacent piping. Further, having full control of each defining feature in the critical path of construction allows for seamless phase transitions and reduced mobilizations.

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  • Bulk Storage & Distribution

    The storage and transfer of consumable liquid and gas products is a major aspect of the global economy. These products are stored in large capacity tanks and vessels and conveyed for distribution and use through large diameter piping, high volume pumping stations, and complex manifold systems. In addition to these basic elements, we can also incorporate metering, filtering, and injection systems for accurate blending and manufacturing applications.

  • Power & Cogeneration

    These systems allow our customers to generate several sources of energy utilizing a single fuel source. Typically, a form of fuel gas is utilized to fire a generator which in turn, creates electricity. In addition to this electrical generation, these systems use the “waste” heat created in the process to produce hot water for heating, steam for manufacturing processes, and even chilled water to subsidize their cooling requirements. At the heart of this operation are several pieces of specialized heat transfer equipment, all of which are interconnected through sophisticated, high energy, piping systems.

  • Central Utility Plants

    In addition to providing electric, heat, and comfort conditioning to large scale buildings and even entire campuses, many central plants now also provide utilities to vital data centers, life support systems, and other mission-critical applications. It is this demand for uninterrupted service that makes our level of craftsmanship and dependability so valuable to the owner.