• NIST – Steam & Chilled Water Plant Addition

    First phase included demolition of existing 3-cell wooden cooling tower and installation of a new 6,600-ton fiberglass, field erected cooling tower, repair of concrete basin, new electrical gear, controls, vertical turbine pumps, and the replacement of makeup water piping. The second phase consisted of the
    demolition and replacement of two 1,500-ton chillers and two 4,200-gpm chilled water pumps, demolition of the existing above and below ground condenser supply piping, installation of new underground pre-insulated steam, condensate, and chilled water piping, and excavation, shoring, backfill, asphalt, and concrete replacement. GCC performed the rigging and assembly of the chillers on site. New refrigerant monitoring system, exhaust fans, and ductwork were installed for the new chillers.

  • NASA Building 35 – Phase 2 Logistics Facility

    Installation of mechanical systems, HVAC controls and plumbing.