This design/build chiller replacement project was based on a 35% design and was part of an energy conservation measure to reduce KW/ton. During the design phase, the configuration was changed from a constant volume primary/secondary pumping arrangement to a variable primary pumping arrangement. The project also included distribution piping to additional buildings, and replacing the existing local air-cooled chillers by placing the building on the chilled water loop.



The design called for the removal of all major mechanical equipment and piping and was replaced with the following:

4 ea. – 600 Ton Daikin Magnetic Bearing Chillers
2 ea. – 1200 Ton BAC Cooling Towers w/ VFD’s
4 ea. – 1200 GPM 60 HP Chilled Water Pumps w/ VFD’s
4 ea. – 1800 GPM 80 HP Condenser Water Pumps w/ VFD’s
1 ea. – 211 Gallon Expansion Tank
1 ea. – 3600 GPM Air Separator
3 ea. – Greenheck Exhaust Fans Sidewall Direct Drive – 9300 CFM’s total

The work also consisted of a major electrical upgrade which included a new primary service to the building. A new 2500 KVA transformer and 4000 AMP switch gear was provided to feed the four new chillers, as well as the existing MCC which fed the pumps, cooling towers, fans, and other building services.

New structural steel and foundations were provided for the new cooling towers, and miscellaneous concrete and architectural work was performed within the building to accommodate the new equipment. A new motorized roll-up door was also provided for access and refrigerant exhaust purposes.



The 1040 Chiller Plant provides chilled water to vital scientific labs and other critical operations facilities on the campus which require critical environment control. Due to the unseasonably warm fall and winter of 2015/2016, extreme contingency plans were incorporated into the project to insure the availability of chilled water to the facilities. These plans included temporary chillers and generators, sequenced work and outages, and later, temporary cooling towers to allow the early start-up of additional permanent chillers.

Client: Fort Detrick
Location: Frederick, MD
Completed: 2018

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