This was a large-scale chiller replacement and capacity upgrade project located at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Plant 1 is one of three plants that feed Veolia’s district chilled water loop, serving many buildings in Baltimore City.

The design called for the removal of all major mechanical equipment and piping, and was replaced with the following:

Project location and schedule were the greatest challenges on this project. Plant 1 is located in the penthouse of the Convention Center which remained in operation throughout the construction. In addition, the BCC is physically located at the main throughway into the city, and across the street from Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium. All construction operations were required to be coordinated with BCC events, Ravens games, and other major events within the city. Due to the plant location with-in the building, all major demolition was conducted at night and all debris removed by hand through a man door and down an elevator. Likewise, all new equipment and associated steel and pipe fabrication was lifted to the roof and penthouse in three pre-determined crane lift operations.

3 ea. – 1800 Ton Trane Dual Compressor Chillers w/ Ice Mode (OFE)
9 ea. – 600 Ton BAC Cross Flow Cooling Towers w/ VFD’s (OFE)
3 ea. – 3700 GPM Inline Condenser Water Pumps w/ VFD’s

Client: Baltimore Convention Center
Location: Baltimore, MD
Completed: 2018

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