Central Utility Plant

  • John Hopkins Hospital – South Power Plant Expansion

    Phase One

    Installation of two 3,500-ton chillers and two field erected 2-cell cooling towers (5,250 gpm of water each), domestic water filtration system, four 150-hp primary pumps, one 900-hp secondary pump and VFD, and three 300-hp condenser water pumps. In addition to rigging and setting the equipment, Green also provided all of the interconnecting piping ranging from 6” to 42” pipe, cooling tower support steel, and a service tunnel which connected the new plant services to the existing facility. Green was also responsible for the project controls, start-up and commissioning.


    Phase Two

    Installation of two additional 3,500-ton chillers, cooling towers, domestic water filtration system, and associated pumps, piping, steel and controls. All mechanical and steel work was performed by Green Contracting.


    Phase Three

    Installation of one 3,500-ton chiller, primary chilled water pump, condenser water pump, secondary chilled water pump, electrical power systems, and the installation of new controls to expand the existing controls systems. Green performed the complete mechanical and structural package and subcontracted the electrical and controls work. This phase increased the total plant capacity to 17,500 tons.

  • Chevron – Central Utility Plant

    This project consisted of five simultaneous projects to construct a boiler plant, chiller plant, diesel UPS plant, diesel fuel facility and 2 miles of underground chilled water, high-pressure steam and pump condensate piping. The project was completed on an accelerated basis and all systems were commissioned and operational in 8 months.  Green Contracting’s Service Department provided all of the startup and commissioning services for this project.

  • St. Agnes Hospital – Central Utility Plant

    Design-assist and installation of steam boilers, chillers, cooling tower, generators, and all components associated with each system, renovation of three existing cooling towers, commissioning, and training of all systems.

  • University of Delaware – Central Utility Plant

    Installation of chillers, pumps, expansion tanks, air handling units, air separators, sand filter, chemical treatment system, domestic water filtration system, refrigerant monitor, ductwork, and pipework.